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Circle K at 4930 North 91st Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona

Circle K in 4930 North 91st Avenue, Arizona: consumer reviews, opening hours, driving directions, photos etc.

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4930 North 91st Avenue,
Phoenix, Arizona
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Phone: +1 623-877-2962

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12:00 am — 11:59 pm
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Reviews about Circle K

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    This is not the first or the second or the third crappy experience I've had at this store. Today, much like the other 3 times a week my boyfriend and I come here, I was going to buy cigarettes along with a few other things. And the lady that was at the register was very rude and said I need your guys IDs ( my boyfriend and I were making two separate transactions, he was buying things as was I) and I gave her mine and she quickly went to the other register where my boyfriend was being helped, interrupted the other women by saying 'where's your ID thanks' before he even opened his wallet. Because he left his ID in the car, she said 'oh well can't sell them to you'( my boyfriend is 25). Being extremely rude. (She's a black lady, Dont know her name) Not the first time she has been extremely rude. My boyfriend and I have seen her selling cigerettes to children who are clearly in high school with backpacks and not asking for ID EVER. I also have footage of her selling highschool students who just came from across the street from the high school cigarettes in the parking lot without checking ID's and saying 'see you soon honey' and things like that. We've caught it on camera because we have seen it happen a handful of times. So the fact that she can't sell two people who are clearly over 18 cigs because the 25 year old left his ID in the car and could have ran out to grab it but can sell underaged children cigarettes after telling us its POLICY to not sell cigarettes to people who Dont show ID is CRAZY. Not only is it unfair for an adult to be giving children cigarettes when they aren't even old enough to make the legal decision to smoke but to be rude to two adults who come in all the time and buy cigarettes. I have to drive to another gas station to buy cigarettes now. And to be honest I feel she is very racist. Because she treats other black customers very nice but I come up to the register after being in line after someone who is black(I'm Persian and my boyfriend is mexican) and her attitude and demeanor changes immediately to someone who is angry to be dealing with me when I have been nothing but very polite. It is crazy that I have to experience someone like that in this day in age. I will be calling corporate. On a positive note, the other lady I talked to today was great, the one with redish hair. She had a gray shirt on today. Very polite and even though I came in and asked for the store number and managers name, she was very very professional. The three people I've had negative experiences with at this store are this women I'm talking about in this post, the older Mexican lady (extremely rude) and the younger white guy(let's a line of people wait for him when he's the only person working while he stands to the side talking to female companions) at the end of the day if I was trying to buy cigarettes with someone who is underaged I would have had them wait in the car smh
    by Raechel Doolittle
    November 12, 2017
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Circle K is located at 4930 North 91st Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona.